7/12/14 Update (Apologies for late post)

[07/12/2014 21:04:35] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: evening all
[07/12/2014 21:05:24] Xarah~Asuna: Evenin’ 😀
[07/12/2014 21:05:32] Xarah~Asuna: How’s it coming?
[07/12/2014 21:07:33] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Well kind of bad since I’ve not been able to work on the animatics but on the plus side, I’ve managed to get the sketches that we did in the previous weeks
[07/12/2014 21:08:11] Xarah~Asuna: brilliant 🙂
[07/12/2014 21:08:14] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: now thats left is to get the remainder of the storyboard off Oli
[07/12/2014 21:08:42] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: How’s the work on your end coming along?
[07/12/2014 21:11:43] Xarah~Asuna: yeah, and its okay, not done much this week due to illnesses and whatnot and omg don’t EVEN get me started on the Christmas shopping thing..
[07/12/2014 21:12:10] Xarah~Asuna: but i’ll be able to finish the last ChD tomorrow morning
[07/12/2014 21:12:19] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: okie doke
[07/12/2014 21:12:59] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: but I know the stress with the christmas shopping which will be slowing us down so don’t worry too much about it
[07/12/2014 21:13:40] Xarah~Asuna: yeah im done with tht now though
[07/12/2014 21:13:57] Xarah~Asuna: but to be fair I don’t have much to do on the project
[07/12/2014 21:14:02] Xarah~Asuna: at the moment
[07/12/2014 21:14:09] Xarah~Asuna: other than the music etc
[07/12/2014 21:14:40] Xarah~Asuna: need to find a good recorder on my laptop and do some voice acting (if I can) whilst my parents are out
[07/12/2014 21:16:24] Xarah~Asuna: Ollie has just text me
[07/12/2014 21:16:34] Xarah~Asuna: he wont be on tonight
[07/12/2014 21:17:16] Xarah~Asuna: but he has done half the work and has plenty for you to work on
[07/12/2014 21:17:26] Xarah~Asuna: half the story*
[07/12/2014 21:21:30] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Ok
[07/12/2014 21:24:11] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Least we know what’s up with him
[07/12/2014 21:32:30] Xarah~Asuna: yeah he’s at his parents
[07/12/2014 21:33:41] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Ah ok, thats fine

30/11/14 Update

[24/11/2014 00:12:35] oliver ingham: ok, so im almost finished with the storyboards, im gonna try and get them finished tonight
[24/11/2014 00:13:03] oliver ingham: im near the end of the bar scene
[24/11/2014 00:13:18] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: ok, just make sure you don’t overwork yourself
[24/11/2014 00:14:09] oliver ingham: yeah, ok, I just want to get it done tonight so I have more frre time in the morning
[24/11/2014 00:14:26] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: ok
[24/11/2014 00:15:12] oliver ingham: how far are you with your stuff?
[24/11/2014 00:17:59] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: I’ve not even made a dent into it. If you check the chat, I was explaing that I was trying to get toon boom on my laptop but what I’ll have to do is come in very early, get into 3:05 if its free and blitz the living hell out of it
[24/11/2014 00:18:55] oliver ingham: is the animatics a requirment?
[24/11/2014 00:19:06] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: yes
[24/11/2014 00:19:09] oliver ingham: like is it part of the brief?
[24/11/2014 00:19:11] oliver ingham: ok
[24/11/2014 00:20:14] oliver ingham: well we could probably run the animatics at the same time as the actual animation, unless you guys think that isnt a good idea
[24/11/2014 00:21:52] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: We’ll have to discuss about it and have one final look over the brief just in case cos it maybe the case that me not have to an actual animation for it
[24/11/2014 00:22:43] oliver ingham: ok, we can talk tomorow in class about it then
[24/11/2014 00:23:57] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: thats what I mean, I thought I put it in but i didn’t cos I’m tired
[24/11/2014 00:25:16] oliver ingham: yeah you didnt, I was just kind of rewording it
[24/11/2014 00:25:18] oliver ingham: 😛
[24/11/2014 00:25:30] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: ty
[24/11/2014 01:33:27] oliver ingham: OK, IVE DONE NOW, 57 boards
[20:53:40] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Hey folks, how have we been?
[21:26:16] Xarah~Asuna: Hey guys, ive been ok thanks, how about you?
[21:28:11] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: I’m good, been trying to keep myself since I’m still waiting on the finished storyboard
[21:28:47] Xarah~Asuna: Alrighty 😀  I’ve been working on a theme song XD  still…
[21:30:07] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: That’s really good to hear ^^
[21:31:14] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Hopefully we should have everything in order and we can all relax for a bit for Christmas XD
[21:33:17] Xarah~Asuna: yeah…maybe XD
[22:50:31] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Oli, how is the storyboard coming along?

Update 23/11/14

[20/11/2014 21:58:54] Xarah~Asuna: Out of curiosity guys, where are we all in regards to work?
[20/11/2014 22:13:13] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Yes though I’ll see if I can get toon boon for my laptop
[20:43:17] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: good evening my homies!
[21:15:21] Xarah~Asuna: Howdy doodie 😀
[21:15:49] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: How is everyone with there work?
[22:14:14] Xarah~Asuna: Sorry was busy, im doing well on mine. How are you doing on yours guys?
[22:16:34] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Well I’ve been trying to get toon boom and photoshop for the portfolio work but its been a pain to get it. Toon Boom works but the downside is that whatever version the uni has, I can’t open them because of stupid reasons
[22:20:03] Xarah~Asuna: Ah damn.. you’ll have to show me tomorrow and i’ll see what needs to be done
[22:20:13] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Ok
[22:24:59] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: What about you Oli, any work on your side?

Update 16/11/14

[11/11/2014 22:20:22] oliver ingham: could I have your emails so i can send you the storyboards?
[11/11/2014 22:23:31] Xarah~Asuna: Sure no problem
[11/11/2014 22:23:52] Xarah~Asuna: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  (also i wont post our emails onto the blog)
[11/11/2014 22:45:18] oliver ingham: ok
[11/11/2014 22:55:42] oliver ingham: ffs, ive just looked at the pdf, its cut off a lot of boards, ill have to re do it tomorow
[11/11/2014 22:57:26] Xarah~Asuna: Alright no biggie
[11/11/2014 22:58:02] Xarah~Asuna: oh also i’ll be in uni tomorrow so i can give you your headphones back
[11/11/2014 23:00:52] oliver ingham: yay

[20:15:16] oliver ingham: Anyone on?
[20:17:18] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: good evening happy campers XD
[20:18:08] oliver ingham: Hello 🙂
[20:18:29] oliver ingham: How is your work going?
[20:18:56] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Its going slowly but making progress
[20:22:11] oliver ingham: That’s good, its the animatics that you are doing right?
[20:28:23] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: yeah but it still needs some work
[20:31:34] oliver ingham: Same here, I’m still near the beginning with my final storyboards
[20:34:06] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: ok
[21:16:17] Xarah~Asuna: Hey guys sorry im late…laptop needed updates so it took a while x.x  Are you guys still coping well with all this?  Do you think we will be able to get to the animating part this week?
[21:17:46] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: We are coping but I dout well be able to do the animating part yet
[21:18:17] Xarah~Asuna: Alright, so still on Animatics and Final storyboarding yeah?
[21:18:27] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: yes
[21:18:40] Xarah~Asuna: Okie dokie
[21:22:48] Xarah~Asuna: Is there anything that needs discussing at all?
[21:24:45] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: yes, I’m just wondering when we get to the colour schemes of the mother and child, do we want light and bold colours, dark colors or a mix of both?
[21:25:04] Xarah~Asuna: depends on character design..
[21:25:19] Xarah~Asuna: and the mood that the story is telling
[21:25:24] Xarah~Asuna: setting* sorry
[21:26:33] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: ok cos I mean its obvious that the villian would have a dark cape of some sorts so that one is easy plus we’ve established the colours of the virtues/sins
[21:28:00] Xarah~Asuna: yep..so whos doing mother and son designs?
[21:32:54] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Well considering you’ve done the sin and virtues, I’ve had the opertunity to work on our hero and villan, if he likes to and considering he did a light design of them; I think Oli should have the honor.
[21:33:25] Xarah~Asuna: Up to you Ollie 😀
[21:33:46] Xarah~Asuna: You dont have to though if you dont want to
[21:34:48] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Its true, if not i can do the role since the child is our main hero
[21:37:37] Xarah~Asuna: Oh I just remembered one of the issues we need to address by the way..
[21:37:49] Xarah~Asuna: What is our Anime called..?
[21:41:22] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: How about; Khemia Tales: The story of Virtues and Sins
[21:41:54] Xarah~Asuna: O.o wow you pulled that one out of the bag… why Khemia Tales?
[21:44:38] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Well considering its based on the sins and virtues as well as being told as a story I  figured kill two birds with one stone with world name and title of the anime name
[21:45:36] Xarah~Asuna: So the world’s name is Khemia?
[21:46:35] Xarah~Asuna: :/ can’t really have Khemia…  https://www.google.co.uk/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=JBtpVLzRBpGwhAegs4DQCw&gws_rd=ssl#q=Khemia
[21:46:56] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Damn
[21:47:21] Xarah~Asuna: i’ll think of some world names dont worry about it..but great idea for the title 😀
[21:47:35] Xarah~Asuna: anymore ideas just jot em’ down!
[21:48:45] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: thanks but considering you already deducted where the name came from, I figured I could honor Mana Khemia since I loved the hell out it
[21:49:13] Xarah~Asuna: ah okay
[21:49:32] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: ^^;
[21:49:40] Xarah~Asuna: well..i’ve looked up some name meanings and found a few that may fit…i’ll type up a list then post it
[21:49:52] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: ok
[22:02:23] Xarah~Asuna: here you go… I know these are human names but we can always change it a little
[22:02:24] Xarah~Asuna: Akamu – male – Of the red earth
Avani – female – Earth
Azzarra – female – Gods angel whom was sent to earth
Lur – female – Earth
Mikaia – female – Gods earth
Taran – bi – Earth
Tenchi – male – Heaven and earth
Terra – female – Earth
Tuwa – female – Earth
Urvi – female – The earth
Valterra  – female – Strong earth
Vesta – female – Goddess of the hearth
Xantara – female – protector of the earth
Zola – female – Earth
[22:03:25] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Tenchi Azzarra
[22:03:40] Xarah~Asuna: two words is overkill cam
[22:03:45] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: sorry, didn’t see the rest
[22:04:13] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Xantara sounds nice
[22:04:22] Xarah~Asuna: yeah thats the one i really like
[22:04:28] Xarah~Asuna: that or Valterra
[22:04:40] Xarah~Asuna: The Xantara Chronicles?
[22:05:06] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: yeah, it has a nice ring
[22:05:11] Xarah~Asuna: Yep ^^
[22:05:18] Xarah~Asuna: I’m good with names haha
[22:05:35] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: yup ^^
[22:43:24] Xarah~Asuna: Right well if there is nothing else to discuss tonight I shall save, post and sleep XD
[22:44:10] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: okie doke and I hope to see you guys tomorrow and hopefully be much better than last weel
[22:44:10] Xarah~Asuna: And one of you can help me with the scanner tomorrow please, if you will?
[22:44:17] Xarah~Asuna: Yeah
[22:44:27] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: sure7
[22:44:31] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: sure*
[22:45:00] Xarah~Asuna: Thankyou, see you tomorrow then guys
[22:47:19] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: see you tomorrow

Update 9/11/14

[9/11/14  18:41:21] oliver ingham: im just finishing the storyboard details now
[18:44:59] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Lol I was just about to say hwo we’ve been this week
[18:45:08] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: but that i good to hear
[18:45:13] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: is*
[18:50:01] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: As for me, I WAS suppose to do the animatics but someone told me to deliver a parcel which SHOULD have only tooken a few seconds, it took the entire day just to find a place that does specific parcels and because of it and due to the weather; has worsen my condition
[18:52:09] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Now my chesty cough is worse than before due to excessive flem, a tempurate that keeps going on and off when it feels like it, a sore and ticklish throat and a cold
[18:53:01] oliver ingham: thats ok, just take your time recovering
[18:54:41] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: I really do want to get this done and dusted so we’re not behind
[18:56:16] oliver ingham: well if you you are well enogh, I can give you the storyboard scans ( if it will let me scan them) and the storyboard details tommorow and you can do it in your own time, if your not well enogh to come in, I could do the animatics myself
[18:58:19] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: well the doctor has perscribed my with some meds so either well I should be able to come in, it just means that I have to stock up on a ton of fluids, several tissues and not give anyone a cold
[21:45:04] Xarah~Asuna: Hey guys ^^ glad to see you discussing things, sorry to hear your unwell Cam, hope you get better soon.. I took some pictures at the Manchester Museum today for references.. some good ideas for character designs in there too..plus they have some bows on show (For the Hunter idea) So I took pictures of almost everything..just in case. I will show them to you tomorrow. Let me know if there are any other pictures for reference that we may need 🙂
[21:46:06] oliver ingham: cant think of any
[21:47:33] Xarah~Asuna: Okie doke
[21:48:21] oliver ingham: ive almost finished the storyboard descriptions
[21:48:45] oliver ingham: and if I have some time in the morning tommorrow, ill do some character designs
[21:49:35] Xarah~Asuna: alright i’m glad we’re getting somewhere now, need to get on Toon Boom asap
[21:50:33] oliver ingham: for the animatics?
[21:51:12] Xarah~Asuna: both the animatic and the actual progression
[21:52:34] oliver ingham: right, ok
[21:53:20] oliver ingham: in that case, ill need to do some detailed enviroment design
[21:53:57] oliver ingham: like what the storyboard would look like in the actual production
[21:55:38] Xarah~Asuna: ah I see, yeah that would be good, but dont worry.. we can do the animating bits together and in this week
[21:56:30] oliver ingham: ok
[21:56:55] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Thanks for the help guys ^^
[21:57:27] oliver ingham: is there anything else at all that we are overlooking?
[21:57:48] Xarah~Asuna: I’m trying to think…but I could be overlooking it too XD
[21:58:22] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: You’ve got the music sorted out sarah?
[21:59:00] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: As well as an updated schedule?
[22:00:21] Xarah~Asuna: well ive been working on it and yh i need to double check the schedule but you’ll both have it tomorrow
[22:00:42] Xarah~Asuna: been thinking about perhaps creating our own theme from scratch?
[22:00:56] Xarah~Asuna: might have to dust the keyboard off XD
[22:01:22] oliver ingham: I think that doing a title sequence as well as the main animation may be too much work
[22:01:32] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Hmm it maybe the case, or ask music students to help with the project
[22:01:49] Xarah~Asuna: Perhaps..
[22:02:02] Xarah~Asuna: Lets run it past Joe and Kate tomorrow
[22:02:10] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: ok
[22:02:16] oliver ingham: sure
[22:05:18] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: Anyway, you two can discuss any further progressions if you like. As for me; I’m going to get an early nights sleep so I can shift my ailment
[22:05:48] oliver ingham: ok, bye
[22:06:12] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: See you guys tomorrow, hopefully with a bit more energy and not feeling like crap
[22:06:16] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: XD
[22:06:24] Cameron “Cammy” Sandiford: take care guys
[22:07:03] Xarah~Asuna: sure, night Cam 🙂
[22:08:58] oliver ingham: finished it now
[22:09:13] Xarah~Asuna: Great stuff 🙂
[22:09:33] oliver ingham: 2260 words and 12 pages
[22:09:54] oliver ingham: cya
[22:10:23] Xarah~Asuna: Wow

Update 2.11.14

[23:09:29] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: Here we go: https://team6uos.wordpress.com/
[20/10/2014 15:52:55] oliver ingham: thanks
[20/10/2014 20:09:09] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: Hey guys, how did it go today? Sorry again that I wasn’t there. Stomach bugs are annoying x.x’
[20/10/2014 20:12:12] Cameron  Sandiford: It was ok, olli showed his storyboard to me and it actually look good. The lesson was meh, just going over preproduction production and post production
[20/10/2014 20:13:53] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: Ah okay, thankyou
[26/10/2014 21:10:35] Xarah~Asuna: Okay team..how are we doing?
[27/10/2014 08:04:21] Cameron  Sandiford: Hey I know its a day late but I’ve had internet problems due to talktalk but I’ve at least tried to do concept of our main hero
[27/10/2014 22:15:16] Xarah~Asuna: Brilliant 🙂 we also need a concept for our main villain.. any ideas? I was thinking a dark male possibly shrouded in a long floor-length cape (maybe torn at the bottom?) examples for what I thought of are Mr Dark from Rayman and Kalabar from Halloweentown 😀
[27/10/2014 22:17:46] Cameron  Sandiford: Thats sounds great. I also had an idea that his arm could be disfigured and considering we was going to tie it together with the king, he could have his arm covered by a shoulder cape
[27/10/2014 22:22:04] Xarah~Asuna: Ah yeah! That sounds good 😀
[27/10/2014 22:22:38] Xarah~Asuna: So he goes from dark and evil to royal and regal 😀 …sorry that was lame wasnt it?
[27/10/2014 22:23:08] Cameron  Sandiford: kind of but I understand what you’re saying
[27/10/2014 22:23:18] Xarah~Asuna: okay good 🙂
[27/10/2014 22:25:56] Cameron  Sandiford: ^^
[27/10/2014 22:29:56] Cameron  Sandiford: I’ll see what I can muster up tomorrow since I need to get some sleep
[27/10/2014 22:33:17] Xarah~Asuna: Sure no problem, you rest, night 🙂
[27/10/2014 22:36:19] Cameron  Sandiford: goodnight
[28/10/2014 00:47:40] oliver ingham: soryy for the late reply, tommorow im gonna spend time in media city, Im gonna do some of the storyboards and add some of my own stuff to the story, if I get enough done, Ill start doing some final character designs on the 7 devines
[28/10/2014 20:05:49] Xarah~Asuna: Okay brilliant 🙂 are you doing the storyboard on the story I typed up? (or a slightly changed version?)
[28/10/2014 21:09:42] Xarah~Asuna: Oh Oh and I’ve just had a good idea! what if we do it like an old 80’s kids cartoon? (I’ve just been looking at some) and we could still tell the story in the titles but show little snipets of what we are thinking of doing (like further on in time) One cartoon made me think of this just now.. You guys ever heard of The Racoons? If not.. youtube the theme where there’s a male voice over…I thought it was a good concept idea 😀
[28/10/2014 21:20:37] oliver ingham: I think I get what you mean, like have the intro story as is and afterwards have like a small montage on anime that would be in “future episodes”?
[28/10/2014 21:21:24] Xarah~Asuna: umm..no?
[28/10/2014 21:23:46] oliver ingham: ok
[28/10/2014 21:26:33] Xarah~Asuna: take a look at the Racoons..i’ll try and get you a link
[28/10/2014 21:27:43] oliver ingham: I just looked
[28/10/2014 21:27:44] Xarah~Asuna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4c7m-EhQhFU
[28/10/2014 21:27:48] Xarah~Asuna: Ah ok
[28/10/2014 21:28:14] oliver ingham: so you mean like a title intro?
[28/10/2014 21:36:44] Xarah~Asuna: yeah
[28/10/2014 21:42:09] oliver ingham: ok and would the snipets of footage we will be showing be just the begining story or some of what Ive storyboarded, or something new?
[28/10/2014 21:44:07] Xarah~Asuna: i have no idea x.x we can discuss different ideas on thursday? we’ll just keep working on ideas on how to script it until then i think
[28/10/2014 21:46:03] Cameron  Sandiford: I say thats the best plan for now and we focus on our individual task for CAPs
[28/10/2014 21:46:17] Xarah~Asuna: yh sure
[28/10/2014 21:47:43] Cameron  Sandiford: Speaking of individual tasks, although I’ve been out today I’ve managed to draw some hairstyles of our hero. I will say that one of them looks a little off but hey, what you gonna do ^^;
[28/10/2014 21:49:13] Xarah~Asuna: Haha I’m sure they are just fine Cam, dont worry so much.. even the crappiest of drawings could turn out to be a very important part of the project ^^
[28/10/2014 21:49:32] Cameron  Sandiford: yeah ^^
[28/10/2014 21:50:33] Cameron  Sandiford: Also I figured instead of calling our hero; “Hunter” or “Hero” how about; “Hiru”?
[28/10/2014 21:51:36] Xarah~Asuna: Perhaps too japanese?
[28/10/2014 21:51:48] Cameron  Sandiford: yeah ^^;
[28/10/2014 21:51:51] Xarah~Asuna: we’ll do a tally name sheet I think
[28/10/2014 21:51:58] Cameron  Sandiford: ok
[28/10/2014 21:52:11] Xarah~Asuna: and find one that suits the characterdesign we have chosen
[28/10/2014 21:52:55] Cameron  Sandiford: yeah good idea
[28/10/2014 23:33:47] oliver ingham: hiru sound awesome
[02/11/2014 22:43:44] Xarah~Asuna: So team, how are we doing?

Meeting log so far

[11/10/2014 00:42:19] oliver ingham: ok, so for the presentation on monday we will need an actual story line, does anyone have any idias?
[11/10/2014 00:45:12] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: Not a clue…BUT I did think about perhaps doing a short story board for a trailer or opening sequence? depending on our character designs ofc..
[11/10/2014 00:48:37] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: But going off the ‘Hunter’ idea..how about we use an old fairytale as a guide?
[11/10/2014 01:10:35] oliver ingham: yeah, sounds good, if we were to have multiple characters, they could all meet by going for the same bounty/ thing, or the “quest” could specify that it requires multiple hunters, and thats how they meet
[11/10/2014 19:27:49] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: Yeah thats good
[11/10/2014 21:35:27] oliver ingham: im still doing some character sketches, im gonna do multiple male and female characters and during our presentation, I can pass my sketchbook and recieve a tally on what the class thinks is the best ones
[11/10/2014 21:36:06] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: sure that sounds great…visual aids are best
[11/10/2014 21:36:20] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: shall I make a presentation on powerpoint?
[11/10/2014 21:37:22] oliver ingham: I think thats the best way, also, Im terrible at drawing enviroments, maybe you or cameron could do a few?
[11/10/2014 21:37:51] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: sure but try anyway…to show that we all have tried each
[11/10/2014 21:38:04] oliver ingham: yeah ok
[11/10/2014 21:39:42] oliver ingham: we should also each come up with some stories, and either tommorow or on monday before the presentation we can choose the best one (i assume we will be basing the story around the hunter idea that we came up with)
[11/10/2014 21:40:40] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: yh good plan
[11/10/2014 21:41:34] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: im actually not at work tomorrow now but I do have Rebecca x.x SO.. i will be doing my homework then and after 7-8pm we can discuss what we have so far?
[11/10/2014 21:42:37] oliver ingham: of course
[11/10/2014 22:13:20] oliver ingham: cameran, are you getting this?
[11/10/2014 22:13:34] oliver ingham: cameron
[11/10/2014 22:13:57] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: I think he’s busy..
[11/10/2014 22:14:17] oliver ingham: ok, just making sure he knows whats going on
[11/10/2014 22:14:23] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: but he’ll be able to read all this when he notices the orange light
[12/10/2014 14:30:59] Cameron  Sandiford: Sorry I’ve not been able to talk, I’ve been busy but I have been checking the messages
[12/10/2014 14:32:02] Cameron  Sandiford: Plus the messages will come late because my iPod is stupid to process messages
[12/10/2014 21:49:08] oliver ingham: i think its a good idea to get to class an hour early so we get get the presentation sorted and ready
[12/10/2014 21:49:39] Cameron  Sandiford: sure if we can
[12/10/2014 21:49:56] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: I’ll try..we start at 12 right?
[12/10/2014 21:50:33] Cameron  Sandiford: yes
[12/10/2014 21:52:34] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: ok ill try then 🙂
[12/10/2014 22:36:13] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: so how are you guys doing with it all?
[12/10/2014 22:36:24] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: in other words..what have you done so far?
[12/10/2014 22:37:16] oliver ingham: im still doing character sketches, in the morning, im gonna try and do some enviroments and think on a minimum of three stories
[12/10/2014 22:38:07] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: okie doke..how about critters/creatures/wildlife?
[12/10/2014 22:38:46] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: also have you done a moodboard
[12/10/2014 22:39:37] oliver ingham: I havent done either of those, ill do my best to do a bit before i go to bed tonight
[12/10/2014 22:40:50] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: sure np, ive done a few creature sketches
[12/10/2014 22:41:04] oliver ingham: thats good
[12/10/2014 22:41:07] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: and have a few story ideas
[12/10/2014 22:41:17] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: 6 actually
[12/10/2014 22:41:23] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: so far..
[12/10/2014 22:41:41] oliver ingham: so far ive only done 7 male character sketches, im doing 7 female ones now
[12/10/2014 22:41:58] Cameron  Sandiford: I’ve done a few sketches and at I’m thinking of drawing races
[12/10/2014 22:42:20] oliver ingham: also good
[12/10/2014 22:42:28] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: ok good ^^
[12/10/2014 22:42:50] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: as long as we have a variation of progress between us ^^
[12/10/2014 22:43:57] Cameron  Sandiford: though I may have done less than you guys due to not putting anything to paper and when I do, I erase it because I try to make it as perfect even though I’m suppose to draw roughly
[12/10/2014 22:45:50] Cameron  Sandiford: So what I may do is I’ll try to wake up early and do some work before coming into uni and carry on before the presentation
[12/10/2014 22:46:17] oliver ingham: im also doing the same thing
[12/10/2014 22:46:40] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: ok sure, but dont worry if you draw crap sweet.. everyone does..just to get ideas out…never rub out or destroy ANYTHING
[12/10/2014 22:47:10] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: its a work-in-progress thing..shows how you got to your idea
[12/10/2014 22:48:04] Cameron  Sandiford: I know that but you know what I’m like when it comes to my sketch work and only done some sketches cos I’m barely thinking about it
[12/10/2014 22:48:45] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: ok well try a little more? even if its just parts of a body scattered round a piece of scrap paper…
[12/10/2014 22:48:54] Cameron  Sandiford: That or when I’m sketching without a care I don’t critise it
[12/10/2014 22:49:02] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: collage things if you need to..im gonna do it at one point
[12/10/2014 22:49:30] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: like i did for ‘Faron’…got a penguin head, sora’s pants and Terra’s torso
[12/10/2014 22:55:21] oliver ingham: also, I havent done any full body sketches, only facial sketches, should I do some?
[12/10/2014 22:55:38] oliver ingham: I guess I forgot, sorry
[12/10/2014 22:55:49] Cameron  Sandiford: I’d say yes if you can
[12/10/2014 22:55:50] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: might be good to try a couple, its fine dont worry ^^
[12/10/2014 22:56:14] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: nothing has to be perfect at this stage guys
[12/10/2014 22:56:27] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: sketching = making mistakes
[12/10/2014 22:58:21] oliver ingham: ive no problem with making bad sketches, one of them looks super derpy 😛 is not doing enough that im bothered about
[12/10/2014 22:59:07] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: then just do basic body sketch and add different parts to each one?
[12/10/2014 22:59:20] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: like put…6 on a A4 page?
[12/10/2014 23:00:27] oliver ingham: sure
[12/10/2014 23:00:39] Cameron  Sandiford: k
[12/10/2014 23:01:22] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: just to bash out idea sketches..if it helps…dont have to…everyone has thier own way of doing things
[13/10/2014 22:44:25] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: Hey guys as promised…here are the 7 sins with their alternates…the Virtues…
[13/10/2014 22:44:37] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: Wrath – Patience
[13/10/2014 22:44:44] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: Pride – Humility
[13/10/2014 22:44:52] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: Greed – Charity
[13/10/2014 22:45:00] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: Lust – Chastity
[13/10/2014 22:45:11] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: Gluttony – Temperance
[13/10/2014 22:45:23] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: Envy – Kindness
[13/10/2014 22:45:35] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: Sloth – Diligance
[13/10/2014 22:46:34] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: If you dont know what the words mean or represent…google them 😀
[22:13:07] Xarah~Asuna~Rarity: Hey guys.. Ive done us a Schedule for up to 12 weeks (please let me know tomorrow if you wanna make any changes as I will bring it for us to look at 😀  Hope you’re both doing okay with our workload 🙂

Also setting up the blog now via WordPress, I’ll send the link once it’s done and any comments would be helpful ^^